CHRISTIE projector lens

Christie LWU650-APS replacement lens

Christie LWU650-APS replacement lens
Throw ratio: 0.7:1 0.93:1
Support Christie projection model: LWU650-APS LWU530-APS
Support Christie projection model: LWU650-APS LWU530-APS

ISO lumens 5,300 ANSI lumens 5,000 contrast ratio 3,000,000:1
Display type 0.64" 3LCD
Resolution WUXGA (1920 x 1200) Lighting type Solid state (laser)
Lighting performance (hours) 20,000 hours at 50% light output
Scanning rate Horizontal: 31.5-106kHz Vertical: 56-120Hz
Pixel clock frequency 162 MHz (1600x1200), 154 Mhz (1920x1200)
 signal input
Computer input: Mini-D-sub 15-pin connector x 2
Digital input: HDMI x 2, HDBaseT
Video input: RCA connector
USB Type A x 1 (for wireless networking)
Audio input: 3.5mm stereo mini connector x 2, RCA connector (L/R)
Signal output
Monitor output: Mini-D-sub 15-pin connector x 1
Audio output: 3.5mm stereo mini connector x 1
Control and networking
D-sub 9-pin connector x 1 (RS-232C)
RJ45 port x 1
SNMP Management (SNMP)
Projector monitoring (wired LAN)
Remote control (wired LAN)
E-mail notification (wired LAN)
Synchronous display with computer screen (using LiveViewer software)
Infrastructure mode (wired LAN)
Simple Access Point (SoftAP)
16W (mono)
Zoom-manual (x1.7)
Lens shift-manual (vertical: 0-56.5%, horizontal: ±4.6%)
Keystone Correction-Vertical/Horizontal and 3D Keystone Correction (PerfectFit)
Applicable screen size
Throw ratio
1.4-2.4 Projection distance @ 100"
3.0-5.2 m
Operating Voltage
100-120 VAC @ 50/60 Hz
220-240 VAC @ 50/60 Hz
Power consumption
370W ± 10% @ 100-120 VAC
360W ± 10% @ 220-240 VAC
Standby mode: 0.5W
Working current
3.8A ±10% @ 100-120 VAC
1.9A ±10% @ 220-240 VAC
Audible sound
Standard mode: 37dB(A)
Energy saving mode: 28dB(A)
Dimensions (length x width x height)
16.7 x 20.2 x 6.1"
424 x 512 x 154 mm
Shipping size
21.7 x 26.9 x 9.0"
552 x 683 x 229mm
18.1 lbs (8.2 kg)
Shipping weight-25.6 lbs (11.6 kg)
working environment
0-800 meters (0-2,625 feet): 0-40°C (it will darken at 35-40°C)
800-3048 meters (2625 -10,000 feet): 0-35°C (it will darken at 30-35°C)
Humidity: 5-85% (no condensation)
Main features
AMX and Crestron connection
Extron XTP certification
DICOM  mode
eClarity Advanced Image Processing
Picture in Picture/Picture Outside Picture
3D keystone correction
Portrait and 360° projection
Support wireless
Contact Christie to find out the exact time of the various certifications: UL/CSA/IEC 60950-1, FCC Class A, CE, FDA, CCC, KC, PSE, CU, SABS, BIS, VCCI, RCM, Ukr, TER , SASO
This product complies with all relevant European directives, standards and requirements for safety, health and environmental protection
Five-year or 10,000-hour warranty for the projector (whichever comes first)
Accessories (standard)
1.8m power cord (L type)
Computer cable (1.8m)
lens cap
Infrared remote control (no 2AA batteries)
Anti-dropping chain metal hook
USB wireless adapter cover
Accessories (optional)
USB wireless adapter
remote control
Wired remote control
Filter kit
1262 BTU/hr @ 100-120V
1228 BTU/hr @ 220-240V

Christie LWU650-APS replaces 0.7:1 lens:


   Projection ratio: distance from lens to picture divided by picture width


   9 brightness uniformity: 9 points average brightness divided by the highest brightness


   Light attenuation ratio of uniform brightness at 9 points of the standard mirror: average brightness at 9 points of the lens divided by average brightness at 9 points of the standard mirro

LE DU Lens Unit User’s Manual
(镜头部件 用户手册)
Do not give a shock or excessive load to the projector or the lens components as the projector and lens components contain precision parts.
When shipping the projector with the lens,remove the lens before shipping the projector. The lens and the lens shift mechanism may encounter damage caused byimproper handling during transportation.
Before removing or installing the lens, be sure to turn off the projecttor, wait until the cooling fans stop, andunplug the power cord.
Do not touch the lens surface when removing or installing the lens.
Keep fingerpeints, dust or oil off the lens surface. Do not scratching.
Work on a level surface with a soft cloth under it toavoid scratching.
When using the lens unit, set the lens shift adjustment to the center of the screen.
Adjustment to the lens shift adjustment to the position other than the above can cause the edges of the image to become dark or can cause some shadows.





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